VMZINC History

Zinc in Australia and New Zealand

VMZINC material has evolved greatly from its humble beginnings in the Australian and New Zealand markets. Taking the traditional European roofing product to new hieghts, rolled VMZINC is being used locally at an increasing rate. As natural materials are taking centre stage, VMZINC is ideal for the prized facade and external cladding applications. Growth in this market has seen projects flourish and today Umicore Australia has supplied various zinc cladding types to 3 major "6 Star Green Rated" projects. The brand also holds the title of the largest zinc project in Australia with 16,000 m2 worth of ANTHRA-ZINC used on the distinct Melbourne Convention Centre. As architects continue to seek sustainable materials, zinc will continue to be specified in a diverse range of uses including residential, commercial, public, buildings, educational institutions and a variety of interior applications.



VMZINC : almost 200 years of history


From its birth in 1837 and for over170 years the Société des Mines et des Fonderies de Zinc de la Vieille Montagne was to establish zinc’s pedigree and develop its application in the roofing industry.
Zinc rapidly played a dominant role, especially in the building of modern Paris under the influence of Baron Haussman. In 1853, the Compagnie Royale Asturienne des Mines was founded. A hundred and forty years later, in 1987, the two companies merged to become Vieille Montagne France and in 1993 they joined the Umicore Group.

In 2017, VMZINC is bought by the Fedrus International group.